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Ethiopian Embassy in Senegal

The mission of the Embassy is to maintain and advance the bilateral relations between Ethiopia and Senegal. The Embassy carries out government-to-government and people-to-people diplomacy. Besides, the Embassy promotes Ethiopia’s cultural values, untapped tourism potentials as well as trade and investment opportunities. The Embassy is also accredited to Republic of the Gambia, Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Guinea Bissau, and Republic of Guinea.  

The chancery is located at

73 Sotrac Mermoz

Rue Cheikh Bethio Thioune


Fax: +221338600122

P.O. Box: 379- Dakar

E-mail: dakar.embassy@mfa.gov.et

Head of missionH.E. Melaku Legesse, Ambassador Extraordinary, and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to Senegal.


Embassy Staff


1.    Milkias Harasa  (Minister Plenipotentiary), In Charge of Political Affairs


·         Tel: +221-778-868-189

·         E-mail:  Milkias. Harasa @mfa.gov.et /milkiasharasa@gmail.com   

2.    Tisefin Motuma (Second Secretary), In Charge of Consular and Business Diplomacy Affairs

·         Tele: +221-781-894-435

·         E-mail: Tisefin. Motuma@mfa.gov.et / tisefinmotuma@gmail.com 

3. Asrat Dereje Finance and Administration Head


·         Tel: +221-784-206-036  

·         E-mail:  Asrat. Dereje @mfa.gov.et / asratdereje2@gmail.com 

4.    Senite Tmarat, Executive Secretary


·         Tel: +221-776-340-333 

·         E-mail dakar.embassy@mfa.gov.et


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